Cozy Knits for Fall

Even though it’s been in the high 80’s for the past week with over 70% humidity (can you say bad hair day?), I’m just itching to start layering on the sweaters (admitting this often leads to disgusted stares from my summer-loving friends and co-workers — oh well). A fan of the oversized knit, I was more than excited to see designers embracing these cool weather staples in their Fall collections. Especially the larger-than-life turtlenecks, which promise lots of warmth without that restrictive feeling this sweater style is so often associated with.

My favorite way to wear it: paired with tapered trousers or a mid-length leather skirt. Still cozy, but doesn’t look sloppy.

big cozy sweaters | fall trends |


1. Pleated eco-leather skirt, $147, MSGM,; Navy crew-neck sweater, $80, Zara.comLace-up wedge booties, $120,

2. Snakeskin creepers, $655, Purified, Net-a-porter.comTurtleneck sweater, $80, Zara.comFaux leather skirt, $50,

3. Jacquard sweater, $295, Le Mont St. Michel, StevenAlan.comWhite button-down shirt, $72, Topshop.comTapered trousers, $220, Day Birger et Mikklesen, Net-a-porter.comHeels, $145,

#NYFW : Charlotte Ronson

Soft pastels and boxy shapes, Charlotte Ronson’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection hits all the right notes. Playful polka dots, delicate floral prints and sheer panels feel feminine and flirty, while boxy jackets and button downs offer a bit of boyish charm. The collection has an overall sporty, laid-back vibe (with a slight 70’s undertone), carrying over one of Fall’s hottest trends. Velcro Teva-style sandals in the collection’s signature colors suggest that it might not be time to ditch those Birks just yet — it looks like Nineties-inspired foot year will be hanging around for another season.

Check out the looks from the show below!

new york fashion week | spring/summer 2015 | new york fashion week | spring/summer 2015 | new york fashion week | spring/summer 2015 | new york fashion week | spring/summer 2015 | new york fashion week | spring/summer 2015 | new york fashion week | spring/summer 2015 | new york fashion week | spring/summer 2015 | new york fashion week | spring/summer 2015 | new york fashion week | spring/summer 2015 |

Fall Beauty Trends: All Natural

Start September with a clean slate…and flawless looking skin.

To rock an all-natural look, clean, radiant skin is key. Start with a gentle exfoliating cleanser to get your skin glowing, followed up by an oil-free luminous moisturizer. A light swipe of foundation (with SPF to protect skin) will help even out skin tone or camouflage trouble spots, but apply only where needed. A light dusting of blush or highlighter applied at the apples of your cheeks is perfect for a healthy, rosy flush and a subtle lipstain or tinted balm will give your lips a hint of color while still looking natural.

fall beauty trends | all natural makeup |



1. Wild Rose cleanser, $28, Korres,; 2. Ultra-Light foundation, $45,; 3. SPF oil-free moisturizer; $64, Caudalie,; 4. Thermal spray, $18, Avene,; 5. Highlighting Blush, $30, NARS,; 6. Tinted lip balm, $7,

Scholarly Style

You may not be heading back to school this Fall, but the end of summer is still the perfect time to start fresh (forget about New Years — this is the real deal). Kick it off with collegiate style that will no doubt get you in the mood for cooler weather and new ambitions. Button downs, sweaters and tailored blazers are key pieces. Cropped and oversized versions, plus out-there prints keep the look feeling modern. For a street smart edge, switch out classic loafers or heels for slip-on trainers or leather lace-up chucks; bombers and varsity jackets take the place of a traditional jacket.

college prep | fall trends |


fall trends | college prep |


1. Crop sweater, $20,; 2. Striped button down, $30,; 3. Blazer, $96,; 4. Tartan trousers, $556, Vivienne Westwood Red Label,; 5. Pointed-toe loafers, $130, Ivanka Trump,; 6. Cross body bag, $2,047, YSL,; 7. Skirt, $105, Boutique,; 8. Heels, $65, Sole Society,; 9. Tassel bag, $371, Love Moschino,; 10. White button down, $30,; 11. Bomber jacket, $365, Karl Lagerfeld,


#FASHIONJOB : Urban Edge

Oversized demin jackets have become the ultimate layering piece. They’re just as versatile as a classic blazer, but can totally transform an outfit — whether you’re going all out normcore or just want to give a pair of tailored pants an urban edge.

One of our editorial assistants knows how to rock this trendy piece and has been mixing it into her enviable ensembles all summer long. I love it paired with slim cut black jeans, a button down (oversized or otherwise) and heels (also a great look for Fall) or thrown on top of a graphic tee and basic skirt. A stack of gold bracelets, leather booties and an on-trend bag will keep the look polished.

work outfit | fashion job |


1. Oversized denim jacket, $70,; 2. Graphic tee, $81,; 3. Furry cross-body bag, $295, Deadly Ponies,; 4. Pyramind bracelet, $31, & Other Stories,; Rosebud bracelet, $320, Aurelie Bidermann,; 5. Skirt, $30,; 6. Booties, $130,

Charles James: Beyond Fashion

Cut in dressmaking is like grammar in a language. A good design should be like a well made sentence, and it should only express one idea at a time. — Charles James

After it’s three month long stint at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute, the Charles James exhibit finally came to a close on Sunday night after becoming the Institute’s 5th most popular exhibit ever. I was able to catch it on it’s last day and was completely blown away. I knew very little about James before coming face to face with his life’s work, but by the time I left I was eager to know more about the man behind the elaborate and carefully constructed gowns.

What struck me about James’ work, was the architectural quality of each design, the purposeful seams and the way exquisite fabrics seemed to float in midair. An enormous amount of research and thought went into each and every design — his butterfly and beetle gowns perfectly capture the essence of their namesakes — and the courtier (a trained hatmaker) took a methodical, even mathematical approach to each, fashioning elaborate structures to support their unique shapes. The gowns on their own are absolutely remarkable, works of art even, but they truly come to life on a woman’s body, as seen through a series of old photographs taken at shows, presentations and events.

Though he never achieved the level of success worthy of his incredible talent during his lifetime, the Costume Institute has now made Charles James a household name, giving his genius and artistry the recognition it deserves.

Keep reading for my photos from the Charles James: Beyond Fashion exhibit:

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#PersonalStyle Interview : Emma Cullen

Emma Cullen is the type of person that could roll out of bed, throw on a burlap sac and look amazing. I’ve always loved her style, which is simple, sophisticated and always on-point. So, it wasn’t even a question that she had to be the person to kick off the personal style interview series. Here I talk to Emma about her must-have pieces for fall, trends she can’t stand and the pieces she can’t live without.


Name: Emma Cullen

Occupation: Recent finance masters grad and foodie looking to enter the grocery industry.

Contemplated entering the retail fashion world for a long time, but decided food was more up my alley. Fashion will always be a passion of mine. I love pulling outfits together with my friends and sisters. Whether it be adding new pieces or using what we’ve got in our closets.

Residence: London, UK

Provenance: Toronto, Canada


How would you describe your style?
Comfortable and classic.

What’s your fashion philosophy?
Never buy anything you need to purchase another piece in order to make “work” in your wardrobe…I’ve definitely been guilty of this but it can become a vicious cycle where one purchase just leads to another.

Go-to Look:
Good quality ballet flats, skinny jeans, a white top, big scarf (I’m always getting cold) and jacket. In the summer I usually go for a loose fitting silk sleeveless top, skinny jeans, flats and a small side bag big enough to hold my cards, phone and a lipstick.

Style Icons:
Jane Birkin and Olivia Palermo

The thing you can’t live without:
French Sole ballet flats. They last forever and have such an elegant cut to them, I particularly love the Henrietta style.

Favorite place to shop: 
It would have to be Zara. I love how they’re always reinnovating classic styles. Having been a student for the last year, they are especially great as a lot of their pieces are transferable between the classroom and workplace. Not to mention Zara is one of the few high street stores that I find actually fits tall people! I also love Canadian brand Aritzia. You see it everywhere at home but living in the UK it still carries a certain novelty for me.

Online vs. in-store:
In store for sure. Shopping is how I relax. I love that moment when you find an item and a whole array of outfit ideas pop into your head. Also, London’s shops are such a spectacle and entertaining in their own right. Take for example Selfridges — there is always something going on.

Splurges vs. Saves:
Splurges: Shoes and jeans. I love walking and as a result wear through shoes constantly. I’ve realized recently I’m better off buying good quality shoes I can resole than a new pair of crappy shoes every 2 months. When it comes to jeans I LOVE rag and bone. They fit like a glove and last longer than a lot of other jean brands at a similar price point.Especially to get the length right — spending the extra money is worth it. Saves: T-shirts. I rarely spend more than $20 on a T-shirt. Nothing beats the Gap for classic comfort.

5 Fall Must-Have Items:

personal style interview | fall winter 2014 must-haves |

You’re stranded on a desert island and can only bring 3 things from your closet – what do you grab?
Bathing suit, a linen towel (quick drying and the sand doesn’t get stuck), and a durable cotton shift dress.

Favorite accessory: 
My silver Lulu Frost #2 code ring stacked on top of a simple Monica Vinader band. I want to get the #6 code ring next to represent the 6 people in my family.

Favorite brand or designer:
Oh tough one! A monthly highlight is always when the new J Crew catalogue comes out, I love Claudie Pierlot and am always inspired by Chloe.

First stylish purchase:
You mean other than my Spice Girls backpack? Probably a pair of Salvatore Ferragamo flats. That was my first lesson in getting shoes resoled before it’s too late.

Travel Essentials:
Day to day — I rarely carry a purse with me, which is silly because I’m constantly dropping my phone. Luckily, I have a Rifle Paper Co phone inlay case which has protected it…thus far.Otherwise I carry a card case with my Oyster and other cards and that’s it. I’m REALLY picky when it comes to bags and haven’t found the right one yet. Hopefully when I do I’ll be better at carrying day-to-day essentials.

Vacation: My tortoise shell persol sunglasses, card holder, burts bees lip balm and Bobbi Brown CC cream. I’ve learnt tans just aren’t worth the sacrifices down the line.

Trends on your black-list:
Short-shorts. And I mean those really short ones. Nobody needs to see your butt cheeks.

What was the last thing you bought that you instantly regretted?
A nautical striped top with a sailing whale cartoon on the front. I’ve loved whales since I was little and think that got the best of me when I spotted this top at Brick Lane market. Luckily it didn’t break the bank.

Memorable fashion victim moments: 
The first one that springs to mind… Probably when I was in high school, scooping ice cream as my summer job I saved up for 2 lacoste polos. I’d seen them layered in an issue of teen vogue and thought it was so cool. So even on the hottest of days I’d walk around with one polo on top of the other. NO idea what I was thinking.


The Bucket List

I’ve honestly never liked bucket bags. They always reminded of the 90s, a dark, dark time when I wore polkadot stretch pants in obscene colors and had the frizziest hair known to man (long before I discovered the round brush, the hair straightener or hair products in general). My opinion has changed over the years as the bag has evolved (I really only remember them seeming offensively round) and they’ve now been added to my must-have list for fall. Saint Laurent makes one in a delicious shade of bordeaux that is to-die-for, but there are also plenty of gorgeous options that won’t break the bank. Here are 12 styles I love.

fall trends | bucket bags |


1. Mini Haircalf Bag, Elizabeth and James, $545,;2. Black Fringe Bag, Antik Batik, $360,; 3. Gray Convertible Bag, Elizabeth and James, $485,; 4. Blanket-Inset Bag, Pendleton, $179,; 5. Green Leather Bag, Zara, $159,; 6. Red Embossed Bag, Sancia, $469,; 7. Stingray Pouch, Topshop, $64,; 8. Brown Leather Bucket, Madewell, $198,; 9. Croc Bag, Zara, $179,; 10. Zip Bag, Zara, $11. Python Cross-body Bag, Vince Camuto, $148,; 12. Black Leather Bucket, Kelsi Dagger, $188,

#FASHIONJOB: Minimalist Chic

Sometimes less is more. And honestly, you can never go wrong when you take essential pieces, like a great pair of jeans, a classic blazer and a simple white top, and throw them together. Instantly, effortlessly chic — this is one outfit you need to get into your rotation. It’s the solution for a morning when the alarm somehow doesn’t manage to go off and you have 10 minutes to pull yourself together and get out the door.

Add on a long, gold pendant necklace to tie the look together. Sandals can easily be switched out for oxfords or loafers as the cooler months approach. Easy and perfectly polished.

I don’t know what she does or who she is, but there is one girl in the office who rocks this style at least 1-2 times a week and I love it. It’s so incredibly simple, but she always looks amazing. There’s definitely something to be said for sticking to the basics.

work outfit | fashion job |

1. Navy blazer, $645, Helmut Lang,; 2. Top, $70,; 3. Jeans, $135,; 4. Tote, $168, Madewell,; 5. Pendant necklace, $20,; 6. Sandals, $85,